Keto Reset Group Coaching

Are you someone new to the Keto Reset and looking for a more personalized approach? Would you like to be part of a small group of people who are looking to do the same? I am thinking about helping a small group of motivated people who are looking to get started with Keto during Keto Reset month this June.

Group Coaching Description

The group would consist of 4 people working together with me, a certified Primal Health Coach, for 3 months of group coaching. We would start Monday June 3rd, or very soon after, and I would walk you through the first stages of the Keto Reset, month during month 1. We would have our own FB group (separate from the Keto Reset Facebook group) that we can use to communicate on a day to day basis. Once a week we would all try to get on a call together to discuss challenges, give feedback, and talk about next steps. After month one I will then guide you into your first foray into Keto during month two, helping you calculate macros, discuss food and meal options, supplementation, and all that fun stuff. Month three will be all about lifestyle changes to assist you in your Keto journey. We will address things like sleep, stress, movement, and exercise. The lifestyle changes are going to be the key to your long term success!

If you think you would be interested in joining a small intimate group of like minded people looking to succeed at their Keto journey please fill out the form below.

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