All of my services that I offer will focus on three main pillars of health

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Movement and Exercise

Each pillar affects the other, so optimal health cannot be achieved without optimizing each one. Let’s examine each pillar in more detail…


What we put in our bodies has a drastic effect on our health.  Our diet can not only affect our body composition, but our mood, skin, hair, libido, physical performance, mental health, and much more. It is important that we find the diet that is right for YOU.  We will start with an ancestral (Paleo/Primal) diet and adjust from there.  Already eating an ancestral type of diet and still struggling? No problem, we can figure out what else you might need to add or eliminate to get you feeling your best.


Much of what the average person does in their day is in direct contradiction to how we evolved as humans and what our genes expect. Our ancestors were outside a majority of the day bathing in the sun, sweating in the heat, and shivering in the cold.  They also were moving most of the day, performing tasks necessary for their survival. Occasionally they had to lift heavy things (building structures) or run really fast (chasing game). They enjoyed plenty of play, like dancing and downtime, like sitting by the fire at night.  They had a well established community of people who they frequently engaged with to ensure each other’s survival. Contrast that to today, where we sit in an office, bathed in artificial light, at the perfect temperature, staring at a screen, only moving to go to the bathroom or eat (unhealthy) food.  Most of our social engagement is virtual, and relaxation includes sitting on the couch eating chips and binging on Netflix shows. My job as a health coach is to teach you how to align your lifestyle so it supports your health, rather than hurts it.

Movement and Exercise

Most people jump right into movement and exercise when they want to improve their health, but movement and exercise are just the icing on the cake.  You can workout as much and as hard as you would like but if your diet and lifestyle are out of alignment it will all be for nothing. Once we have tackled your lifestyle and diet, it will be time to address movement and exercise.  Most people who don’t have athletic goals can do far less exercise than they think they need to. Most of your exercise should be easy movement done throughout the day, think walking, yoga, hiking, easy bike rides, etc. Throughout the week you might lift something heavy a couple times a week and maybe put in a hard effort occasionally that gets your heart rate elevated.  This is plenty to keep you fit and healthy. If you are an athlete we can address how your training can be part of your overall health goals as well.

Special Considerations For Athletes


Your diet is key to your performance, dialing it in for your athletic goals will be important and look much different than someone who is not training.  In addition it might also be necessary to address pre, post, and/or intra workout nutrition.


Balancing life and training can be hard, especially if you have a family and a full time job.  It is critical that you are efficient with your time and manage your stress as best you can. If you are not careful you can push yourself over the edge leading to injury and burnout.  As an athlete we will work to manage your stress and balance training with recovery.

Movement and Exercise

Chances are as an athlete you already have the exercise piece down.  However exercising for an hour a day doesn’t mean you can sit down and not move the rest of the day.  It is actually more important as an athlete to also be moving throughout the day, it is a critical part of recovery.  In addition incorporating practices like mobility, foam rolling, and yoga can really help your athletic performance. I can help advise you as to what else you can add or even eliminate to help you achieve your athletic goals.

How We Will Work Together

Discovery Call

In order to figure out if we are a good fit to work together you need to schedule a Discovery Call with me.  This is a free 30 minute, face to face meeting (virtual or in person) to learn more about each other. I will ask you about what you are struggling with and your goals and explain to you how my programs can help.  You can also ask me any questions you may have about how we will work together. Submit your application to work one on one with me to setup a discovery call!

Before The Kickoff Meeting

You will fill out and return to me an intake form so I can learn more about you, your health goals, specific challenges you might have, and anything else you would like me to know.  This is also a good time for you to make sure you write down important talking points for our kickoff meeting.

Kickoff Meeting

During this 60-90 minute call we will lay out a long term plan for the length of relationship.  I will explain to you how I best think we can address the three pillars of health I outlined above.

Check-In Meetings

Every 2 weeks we will have a 30 minute check-in meeting to see how things are going.


For “face to face” meetings we will use video conferencing software.  Throughout the coaching relationship you are free to email me when you would like.  Monday through Friday, please allow 24 hours for me to respond. On Saturday and Sunday please allow 48 hours.  I will do my best to respond sooner if possible.

Which Option Is Right For You

6 Months

A six month program is ideal for those of you who are looking to completely shift your lifestyle.  You know you need to work on all three pillars and need help. You have not already started your journey or maybe you have but had some setbacks.  With 6 months I can show you how to make lasting changes and set you up for future success.

1 Year

Have a long term goal?  This is the program for you.  You will not only have the time to make lasting changes to your life but take it further to really dial in and achieve that one specific goal you have always wanted to reach.

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