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Trevor Hartman

Ryan’s holistic coaching made a huge positive impact in my training for my first OCR resulting in excellent performance on race day without overly stressing my body or compromising my health. Over the weeks we dove into and improved all aspects of wellness including sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, mindfulness and social connection. I learned so much along the way, including how to train for future goals and how to balance work, family life, and training. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge and is able to speak to all the latest science and trends, and promptly answered the many questions I had over the weeks.

Alana Grant

When Ryan began coaching me, I was so confused over all the conflicting information out there on keto diets. I had had some success on it but my digestive system was in turmoil and I was lacking in energy. He identified four things in order of importance for me to work on and I got immediate, positive results. What appeals to me about Ryan is his science-based knowledge and experience which he applies in a personal way to a personal situation with a certain set of facts. He doesn’t just spout the latest fad. I especially appreciated his kindness and gentleness and constant encouragement. He taught me how to personalize healthy eating to my body and my likes and that it isn’t just all about what you eat, but also your lifestyle and movement and community. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with him and how much I learned!

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