Greg White: Endurance and Health, Mindfulness, and Much More

This week I have an interview for you with Greg White. Greg is a TV writer (super interesting job!) and amateur marathon runner. Greg and I first connected via the Nourish Balance Thrive forum, as we are both Elite Performance Program members. I quickly realized Greg and I have a ton in common, from our endurance training, to strength training, to an interest in all things health.

Greg and I talk about a number of things including:

  • Greg’s interesting job as a writer for TV
  • The importance of mindfulness
  • Greg’s marathon journey and his love for the Boston Marathon
  • Naps and how Ryan cannot nap
  • How Greg came to find health coaching
  • How the simple things like food, sleep, stress, and exercise can make a huge impact on your health
  • Endurance training and health
  • Always be curious and open to learning

Some of the things Greg and I mention in the interview

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