Balancing Fitness, Diet, Health…Life!

This week I have a special blog post for you, it is an interview I did with a former client of mine Peter Haig.

Peter and I worked together for over a year and recently he decided to head off on his own..woohoo!

When Peter came to me over a year ago he pretty much summed up what he was looking for with the word BALANCE.

Peter was able to perform well, look well, be healthy, and enjoy life….just not at the same time. If he wanted to optimize his body composition for example, the extremes he had to go to with his diet, caused his fitness, and social life to suffer. He could enjoy his social life, but that usually meant his body composition suffered. Peter was tired of bouncing around and wanted to see if he could find balance with all of these things and find a reasonable middle ground.

In this interview we dissect our time together over the past year and what we did to help him to find the balance he was looking for.

If you have any questions for me or Peter please feel free to contact me or leave comments below.

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