Weekly Wrap-up December 22nd

Here are some podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles I have come across this week.  Enjoy! 


Calorie Restriction for Healthy Aging and Longevity – Nourish Balance Thrive

Interesting podcast discussing the benefits of caloric restriction.  As athletes we need to balance health with what is sometimes unhealthy actives or actions that support our sport.  Caloric restriction is a tough one to balance as an athlete.  Too long in a caloric deficit and it can result in some bad outcomes, however to long in a caloric surplus is equally not a good thing.  This podcast discusses some of the POTENTIAL benefits of caloric restriction and how you might go about implementing it into your life.

How to Use Breathing, Heat, and Cold for Health and Athletic Performance – Nourish Balance Thrive

We typically don’t pay too much attention to how we breath, it comes pretty natural and we don’t have to think about doing it.  The problem is many of us are not breathing correctly and this can potentially effect out bodies perception of stress, not to mention our performance during sport.  Proper breathing can not only improve your performance, but allow you to control your bodies response to stress.  

Dr. Mike Nelson is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcast guests.  His non-dogmatic approach to training and nutrition is refreshing.  Despite the title to this podcast, this is not much of a debate in my opinion.  When used within in the appropriate context, both carbs and Keto have their place in anyones life and I think both Dr. Nelson and Dr. Westman agree on that overarching point.  In either case it is worth a listen regardless on which side of the fence you fall on.

Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness – Peter Attia

I am not going to lie, mindfulness is still something I struggle with.  My meditation practice is not great and stress can still get the best of me.  I found this podcast one of the best discussions I have heard on mindfulness.  I think everyone should listen!


Nothing terribly interesting in this YouTube video besides it being a good interview and it is funny to hear the host of Paleo Magazine Radio admit she eats oats!  GASP!

This talk by Marc Bubbs from AHS17 has a couple different case studies of different athletes he has worked with and the health problems he often sees in these athletes.  It ranges from talking about body comp, glucose regulation , and vitamin D deficiency.  Very interesting talk for sure.


Why Grip Strength Matters—and 10 Ways to Build It – Marks Daily Apple

For me, grip strength is something I put a lot of focus on as it plays a key role in me be a successful obstacle course racer.  However, most people don’t and consequently we have seen grip strength decrease over time.  Why is grip strength important?  It has been correlated as a key indicator of longevity, the more grip strength the more likely you are to live longer.  Now its not likely related to your grip strength directly.  Rather it is likely that if you have good grip strength you have adequate muscle mass, which we all know is a key factor in longevity.

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