Weekly Wrap-up December 29th


Can Ketogenic Diets Work for Bodybuilding or Athletics?

Want to dive deep on whether ketogenic diets work for athletics? This is the most comprehensive article I have seen on the topic. At the end the author summarizes the data based on the studies in the article as

The longer the study…or the longer its keto-adaptation phase…or the more keto-adapted the subjects are…the more likely the study is to find favorable performance results

Keto is worth trying for anyone in any sport (but start in the off-season!)

It’s highly unlikely keto is better for high-intensity

It’s unlikely that keto is bad for high-intensity

It’s likely that keto is neutral for high-intensity

It’s likely that keto diets are better for endurance

It’s very likely keto diets are better for body composition

It’s very likely keto diets are generally healthier than standard high-carb diets for athletes

Forget The Paleo Diet Go Neolithic

This article was posted in a Facebook Group I belong to and I gave it a good read. Here was my comment on the post after a quick read of the article.

The lifespan argument is weak, 47 out of 137 had atherosclerosis, more didn’t than did. I am willing to bet if you took 137 people off the street today the ratio would not look as good.

I don’t understand the food was different argument, are they saying we wouldn’t want to eat them? Well if my choice was to eat some not so tasty veggies vs die of starvation anyone would choose the not so tasty veggies.

Their argument about how we don’t know how paleo people are is somewhat correct. No one ever stated that there was one diet for everyone back then. We know people are what they had access to and that looked different in many parts of the world. We know for sure though they weren’t eating wonder bread, Oreos, pasta, muffins, bagels, orange juice, Italian subs, etc. 

Sure people have evolved but they didn’t provide any evidence about genetic evolutions allowing us to eat a SAD diet. 

The polyphenolic argument is weak, they say paleo people avoid fruit, that is wrong.

Yes many healthy people can eat grains and feel fine, but people today are not healthy so eating grains do result in things like inflammation.

There is nothing substantial in their Hiwi argument. Yeah every hunter gatherer society wished they had access to more food. Put a McDonald’s in their village and you bet your ass they would be happy. But I also bet that they would start to develop the same diseases we do.

The funny thing is the diet they recommend at the end is essentially primal (what the Keto Reset is based on) with the addition of grains. So at the end of the day I agree with what they recommend minus the grains 😉


The Dark Side of Clean Eating

This podcast is about when clean eating goes too far. In extreme cases this is referred to as Orthorexia. For some the obsession of eating a clean diet can take over their life and start effecting them in a negative way. This is a great discussion with Renee McGregor who is leading the #trainbrave initiative.


Will MCT Oil Help You Loose Weight?

In this video Chris Masterjohn dives into the research around weight loss and MCT oil. There is some evidence to support it does, but if it does it won’t be a huge contributor itself.

Front Squat 101

Looking to switch up your squat routine? You might want to try front squats. The guys from MindPump give a good overview of proper form for the barbel front squat.

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