Weekly Warp Up January 13th 2019


Vitamin D, Immunity and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage – Dr. Bubbs

Dr, Bubbs has a really good discussion on Vitamin D, something many of us are deficient in due to our indoor lifestyle (Vitamin D comes from sun exposure), and its impact on athletic performance.

In this episode, Daniel reviews the history of vitamin D research, how vitamin D may impact athletic performance, variations in vitamin D status amongst athletes and different ethnicities, as well as suggestions for testing and supplementation. Dan also discusses his work on exercise-induced muscular damage, reviewing the physiology of recovery and how certain functional foods can impact various stages of the recovery process.


Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating – Robb Wolf

Robb this week addressed the hot topic of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating in a short video on YouTube. Here are some take aways…

  • Don’t try to equate fasting studies in animals to humans
  • Lots of people like skipping breakfast and/or lunch and eating most of their calories later in the day, however this might not be ideal from a circadian biology point of view. circadian biology research seems to point to eating most of our calories earlier in the day, so that would imply skipping lunch and/or dinner.
  • This might not be ideal from a lifestyle point of view as most of us life to have family dinners
  • The biggest upside is to IF is minimizing caloric intake
  • IF is good for those people who refuse to change their diet away from SAD
  • WORD OF CAUTION: Most people who are doing IF are already burning the candle at both ends and this just adds another unneeded stress to their life

Robb did not discuss some of the additional benefits IF and time restricted feeding has but you can only cover so much in 5 minutes 😉

25 Min Physiology: What are Carbs, Fat, and Protein? And How To Use Each! – Andy Galpin

I recently discovered Andy Galpin’s YouTube channel and it is fantastic! He produces both short (5 min), medium (25 min), and long (55 min) form videos on a variety of topics. This one I found particularly insightful. I really love how he broke out the food volume vs caloric density discussion with real food on real plates. That visual alone is worth watching. Also, his description as to why the body can use both carbs and fats as fuel (ie metabolic flexibility) was strait forward and easy to understand.

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