Weekly Wrap Up January 20th 2019


Rest Periods For Muscle Gain and Fat Loss – MindPump 

The boys at MindPump had a really interesting discussion on how simple changes in rest periods can help stimulate muscle gain and fat loss. Your body is a master at adapting to stimuli, and exercise is no different. If you have hit a plateau in your journey, instead of looking for a completely new program, try switching up your rest periods. If you take short breaks between sets make them longer, if you take long breaks between sets make them shorter. This simple change in stimulus can have a positive effect on your weight loss or muscle gain goals.

Dr. Ruscio on Thyroid – MindPump

Quite an interesting episode from the guys at MindPump and Dr. Ruscio. Dr. Ruscio asserts that many people are actually misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism. Dr. Ruscio has an interesting take on this based on his analysis of many studies. They also speak to what it means to have higher thyroid antibodies, and correct thyroid supplementation, including its effects on you. If you are someone who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism you should definitely listen to this one.


Paleo For Babies and Toddlers – The Paleo Mom

As a father of an infant and a toddler, this is a topic that I often think about. How do you explain the benefits of the way you eat to your children? Luckily my son, who is just one and a half at the time I am writing this, can’t make much of an argument as he has little awareness about other options out there. For the most part, he eats what we give him (man I am cherishing that while it lasts).

My daughter on the other hand is four and has been exposed to plenty of non Paleo/ancestral foods at this point. She asked me several times why we don’t/can’t have XYZ food. I explain to her, in simple terms, how that food is not good for us etc. She understands, well as much as a 4 year old can anyways, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get whatever she wants. I don’t make any exceptions to the food we have in our house, it is what it is, and it’s not going to change. However, outside of the house, at parties, etc., where I don’t have control, I don’t stress about it.

The article above provides some science for supporting a Paleo diet for children, and why it is important. There are also some good tips and tricks in there to help you along the way. It is certainly an uphill battle for parents, and I know the older my kids get the less control I will have, the best I can do now is to just educate them.

Glucose and Ketone Tracking – Ben Greenfield

There are plenty of articles out there on this topic, none the less this is a good article. Man, does it make me want to get a continuous glucose monitor though! If it wasn’t for that damn prescription!

Vitamin Ds Effect On Blood Pressure

An interesting meta analysis was published, that I came across in Dr. Ruscio’s Wrap Up letter, showing that low Vitamin D levels could have a negative effect on your blood pressure. Lots of people suffer from high blood pressure, but it may not be the salt (actually it is most likely not!), maybe it is due to your lack of exposure to the sun!

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