All About Fueling For Obstacle Course Racing

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Prior to becoming a certified health coach, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Tommy Wood from Nourish Balance Thrive on the topic of nutrition as related to obstacle course racing (OCR). To quote Chris Kelly, “Tommy is the architect behind the programming at Nourish Balance Thrive”. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things health, but in particular how to balance the goal of health and athletic performance.

For those of you not familiar with obstacle course racing, it typically involves running on trails while having to complete obstacles along the way. The distance varies from as short as a 1 mile course to up to 100 miles or more! OCR is quite a unique sport, in my bias opinion, because unlike most other sports there is a combination of speed and power, strength, and endurance all in the same event. Training for all three is hard enough, but fueling this type of activity can be just as challenging.

In this interview, Tommy and I cover an array of topics from macronutrient breakdown, common problems Tommy has seen in practice, low carb/high carb diets, considerations for vegetarians, water intake, supplementation, and much more. If you are an obstacle course racer, this is a must listen!

Tommy’s notes that he mentions in the podcast can be found here if you would like to view them.

Need help implementing some of the things Tommy and I talk about in the interview? I can help, setup a discovery call to find out how!

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