Weekly Wrap Up February 17th 2019

I hope everyone’s week went well! I spent a few days in St. Louis this week at a conference. Traveling always reminds me how attached I am to the comfort and familiarity of home. My food, my workouts, my family….I end up missing them all when I am gone. If you are looking for tips for traveling check out this post! Enjoy this week’s wrap up!


Neanderthals may have been sprinters not endurance runners

Could the reason some people are better sprinters be because their genes are closely related to those of neanderthals? Maybe….

The Sleep Tip You Should Never Give a Client – Mike T Nelson

I know, I know, another article on sleep. Every week there is at least one new article on sleep. I include this one because it makes an important point about sleep, it is not about how much sleep you get, but the quality of the sleep you get. Don’t get me wrong, there is no way you are going to go through all your sleep cycles in an hour, so you are going to have to do better than that, but as long as you get good quality sleep in that 6-8 hour range, you probably aren’t going to get any benefit from additional sleep.

Why Fish Is Great For The Gut Microbiome – The Paleo Mom

Tired of hearing about sleep, well guess what here is another article about the gut 😉 Do you have gut issues? You might think about eating those sardines or anchovies over a ribeye next time. Did you know fish contain fiber? I didn’t, until I read this article. There also seems to be a couple of studies (in mice) that indicate gut bacteria prefer protein from fish over other protein sources. Interesting stuff!


Dr. Tommy Wood, part 1: The Benefits of White Boxers and The Dangers of Liquidating Your Assets – Get Over Yourself Podcast

There isn’t a person I respect more in the ancestral health scene than Dr. Tommy Wood. Tommy, and the other fine folks at Nourish Balance Thrive, have done wonders for me in my own health journey. When Tommy speaks, I listen, and you should too! This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Tommy on the Get Over Yourself Podcast with Brad Kerns. In this episode Tommy talks about cortisol, inflammation, how an endurance athlete’s activity compares to our ancestors, and nutrition for athletes.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon – Mind Pump

This is the first time I have heard of Dr. Lyon, and I was super impressed, this is a great episode. She touches on so many subjects that I often hear about in ancestral health. Things like thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, menopause, pregnancy, vitamin D, and of course athletics and strength training. No matter who you are you will probably take something away from this episode.

32 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone – Ben Greenfield

Testosterone is an important hormone for everyone, including women. I myself dealt with low testosterone from a combination of over training and under eating. Over time I incorporated many of the lifestyle practices Ben talks about in this podcast into my life and was able to get my testosterone levels back up to a normal range without any supplementation. It is possible to do, so if you are dealing with low testosterone this is worth a listen.

Ben House, PhD on Strength Training – Nourish Balance Thrive

In this episode of the Nourish Balance Thrive podcast Chris, Tommy, Megan interview Dr. Ben House at his Flo Retreat Center in Costa Rica. (There is even a guest appearance by Dr. Lindsay Taylor in the episode!) This is a great discussion on all things strength training. Since starting working with Zach, the head strength coach at NBT, I have begun to see the true value of strength training in my own health. This episode is not going to give you a prescription on how to implement strength training, but it is going to help you see the benefits of adding it into your life.

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