Walsh Detox Day 6

I have now wrapped up day 6 of the Walsh Detox protocol.  This concludes Phase 1 of the detox.  Overall my strategy of eating twice a day has worked out pretty well.  I find the most efficient way to cook the food is to just meal prep.  Cook massive amounts of chicken breast, lean ground turkey, and cod to start the week or every few days.  To be honest the diet overall feels like a body builder diet, not that I have any experience eating that diet ;).  I think the simplicity and blandness of the diet makes it pretty easy to be in a calorie deficit.

The easiest way to prepare the veggies I have found is by steaming them (I use an Instant Pot) the pouring some olive oil over them, it is quite tasty that way and makes the volume a little less intimidating.

This weekend has been the hardest part so far.  I have felt really low energy, tired, and a little moody.  I am not sure if it is just the detox effects or being in a caloric deficit or a combination of both.  It makes my family time a little less enjoyable that is for sure.

I have started to switch up the exercise routine.  Instead of intervals on the treadmill I have been doing 40 secs on 20 secs off of some type of strength exercise.  Friday I did burpees, Saturday I did kettlebell swings, today I alternated between goblet squats, pushups and pull-ups.  Tomorrow I will probably get back to intervals on the treadmill again, just wanted to switch things up a bit.

I have been enjoying the sauna time.  It’s the perfect time to meditate, so I do that for 10 minutes of meditation and then spend the rest listening to podcasts.  I find that the last 5 minutes of the sauna can be pretty hard but I make it through so I think it is a sweet spot for me.  I hope someday I can get a sauna in my house ;).


Phase 2 of the detox starts tomorrow.  The difference between Phase 1 and 2 is that Phase 2 is essentially incorporates a fasting mimicking diet.  Tomorrow I will eat around 600 calories and then the rest of the time I eat around 400 calories, all coming from vegetables and fat, no protein (besides what’s in the veggies).  I have never done something like this before so it will be interesting.  Stay tuned!

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