Walsh Detox Protocol Day 3

I am just wrapping up day 3 of my detox program.  Overall the past 2 days have been uneventful.  I did switch up the food regiment to eat twice a day.  Around mid day I have some mung beans and protein, and then everything else for dinner.  That seems to allow me to easily consume the amount of protein I need.  I have been less hungry than I thought I would have been (although I have a tendency to eat less than I need anyways so that is not surprising).  In addition I seem to be in a constant state of ketosis despite the high protein and relatively high amount of carbs.  It is kind of interesting, since you would think consuming 86g of carbs from the mung beans alone plus 150g of protein a day might kick me out of ketosis but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For a physical exercise point of view I am feeling the effects of the low calorie diet.  Certainly not as powerful as I would like during my workouts, but that is also expected.

Day 1 in the sauna was a little rough, yesterday and today was OK, that might have to do with eating something in the afternoon.  I also noticed after Day 1 my HRV tanked, wonder if that had to do with the sauna session as well.  It recovered a little on Day 2 but will see how that progresses throughout the week.


I have also gotten a handle on taking the supplements.  I have turned to just dumping all the powders in my mouth as opposed to mixing them up when I take them, far more efficient 😉

Thats it for now.  Looks for further updates as the week progresses.  You can find my day 1 update here.


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