Weekly Wrap Up February 3rd 2019

Sorry I missed last weeks weekly wrap up but I was on vacation enjoying time with my family 😉 I promise I will make up for it this week!


Iron Overload – Mark’s Daily Apple

Knowing your iron status is very important for your health.

Iron is an essential mineral, integral in the production of energy and the creation of blood cells. If pregnant women don’t get it, they can’t deliver oxygen and nutrients to their growing babies. If kids don’t get it, they shortchange their mental and physical development. If adults don’t get it, their basic day-to-day physiological function falls apart. Without adequate iron, our antioxidant defenses, our immunity, and our metabolic function all suffer.

Your iron status can easily be measure via a simple blood test. Most people worry about a lack of iron, but others can also suffer from too much iron, known as iron overload. Too much iron has been linked to many disease states as well. If you are one of those people that suffers from too much iron (I did at one time) this is great article on why it is bad and what to do about it.


Weekly Habits For Success – Iron Radio

This podcast is really focused around weekly habits for success for fitness professionals however even if you are not a fitness professional many of the tips they give apply to just general life.

Movement With Logan Schwartz – Primal Blueprint Podcast

We all need to move more! It is a fact that most people do not move enough, it is a hazard of our modern day life. We wake up, sit in a car commuting to work, get to work sit in front of a computer, get back in the car commute back home, then sit in front of the TV and go to bed. Maybe you threw in an hour exercise session in there but that does not make up for the other 23 hours in the day. This podcast with Logan Schwartz gives some great tips on how to incorporate more movement into your days.


FMF Clips

Dr. Rhonda Patrick of Found My Fitness has just released a new YouTube channel called FMF Clips. These are short, digestible clips of her longer interviews on very specific topics. I really enjoy these types of videos because you can pick and choose specific things that interest you. I highly suggest you subscribe to the channel to keep up to date on the what she is posting there.

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