Weekly Wrap up February 10th 2019

Welcome to the end of the first full week of February! I can’t believe how time is flying by already this year. Today I am trying to stay as warm as possible after spending the day ice fishing yesterday in some of the coldest, windiest weather I have ever been in. On the plus side to freezing most of the day I did get a lot of natural light (only on my eyes but thats better than nothing) and certainly got a good dose of cold thermogenesis. At least it looked pretty

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Does Keto and Fruit Mix – Mark’s Daily Apple

Dr. Lindsay Taylor from the Primal Blueprint team wrote a great article on consuming fruit on a Keto diet. Lindsay is a great friend, and a trusted source of information when it comes to ancestral health. In this article she tackles the tough topic of eating fruit on a Keto diet. As I am sure you know, fruit contains some amount of carbs. The amount depends on the type of fruit you choose with berries being on the low end and things like mangos and dates on the high end. If you are on a Keto diet and wondering how fruit fits in, you should read this article.

How To Sleep Better – Kion

Lots of people struggle with sleep. I have thought about doing a blog post on it myself but there are already so many great articles on sleep from people who are far knowledgable than myself on the topic. This is another one of those articles from Ben Greenfield’s company Kion. This article goes into how different parts of your life effect your sleep, everything from light to sound to smell. It is a good article to read if you are looking to tackle sleep.


Andy Galpin 5 Minute Physiology

Dr. Andy Galpin released a couple of YouTube videos this week from his 5 minute physiology series. The first was on the physiology of endurance and the other on the physiology of muscle hypertrophy.

As I mentioned last time, these are pretty scientific, but at only 5 minutes you are sure to learn something even if you aren’t a huge science nerd like me.

How To Hinge Properly – MindPump

Hinging is a key movement, not only in strength training, but also in daily life. Every time you pick something up off the ground you hinge. If you do not hinge properly you can seriously hurt yourself. In the gym being able to hip hinge is necessary to do something like a deadlift or a kettlebell swing. In this video Danny Matranga runs you through a couple of drills to teach you how to hinge properly.


Improving Memory Through Proper Exposure to Light – Dr. Ruscio

Light is a favorite topic in the ancestral health space lately and for good reason. It helps with Vitamin D production, helps you get a good night sleep (as long as it is early in the day and not late at night), and based on this episode on Ruscio Radio, helps improve memory. The power of natural light is amazing, and it is free, all you have to do is step outside!

Rebound Workouts, HRV and The Importance of Recovery – Get Over Yourself Podcast

In this episode of the Get Over Yourself Podcast Brad Kerns sits down with Joel Jamieson to talk about recovery. I highly suggest you check out Joel’s article on recovery from his blog 8 Weeks Out. It is a must read for anyone who likes pushing your limits. In this podcast Joel and Brad talk in a little more detail about Joel’s recovery protocol that he prescribes to his athletes.

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