Weekly Wrap Up February 24th 2019

Good morning from snowy New Hampshire. Yup more snow here today, adding to the ever growing pile of snow that is growing in my yard. I do love the snow and winter, especially when you can sit inside and appreciate the beauty of it. Of course I like going outside and enjoying it as well. It is just the shoveling that I hate at least is makes for a good workout.

This weeks wrap up is a little lite, but the quality of the content is some of the best. I really enjoyed this weeks Primal Endurance podcast since it was about everything outside of training and nutrition that has an impact on your performance. Enjoy!


10 Primal Date Ideas For Every Couple – Marks Daily Apple

I am always looking for things to do with my wife when we find that rare occasion when the kids are not around. I will definitely be referencing this article the next time that situation comes up, particularly #2 đŸ™‚


“Life Is too Short to Suffer” – Primal Endurance Podcast

This was by far one of my favorite podcasts I have listened to in a long time and despite it being on the Primal Endurance podcast the topic had nothing to do with training or nutrition. In this podcast Andre Obradovic discusses the importance of everything else outside of racing and training and the impact it has on your racing goals. The topics cover everything from children (my favorite), relaxation, finances, and life stress. I think it is a must listen for all athletes.

This reminds me of a Instagram post I saw this week along the same topic

Run for Your Life: Ancestral Health Approach to Running – Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast

In this weeks NBT podcast Dr. Tommy Wood speaks with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella about his new book Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy.

They discuss the aspects of physiology that suggest humans evolved to run, and the features of modern living that can result in foot pain and arthritis. Mark shares his best training tips for both new and experienced runners, as well as resources for healing painful foot conditions.

Flat Feet – The Barefoot Podiatrist

Have flat feet like me? Lots of people do and the cause usually has to do with strengthening the muscles of the foot, legs and hips. In this episode Paul discusses the causes of flat feet, its implications, how you can correct the problem, and also why flat feet aren’t bad in all situations.

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