Weekly Wrap Up March 3rd 2019

Hope everyone has had a good week. I had another solid week of training. All my lifts are progressing, which is awesome! #gainz I also got in a solid snow shoeing session yesterday morning. I have not been out on the trails lately so getting out yesterday was quite enjoyable. Finally today I had some nice family time with the kids and wifey at the Museum Of Science in Boston. Another solid week in the books! This weeks content is a little lite but what is here is quite interesting. Enjoy, see you next week.


Carrots High In Carbs and Sugar? – Dr. Andy Galpin

This is not as much of an article as it is a lengthy rant on Instagram by Dr. Galpin. None the less I think it is a good read as it puts things in context. I myself have seen people who follow a low carb/keto diet be afraid of eating vegetables like carrots. In my opinion, unless you are managing some kind of disease with a strict ketogenic diet no one should be avoiding nutritious vegetables like carrots. Yes they are considered a below ground vegetable and below ground vegetables are typically avoided on ketogenic diets and yes they are higher in carbs compared to above ground vegetables but we need to look deeper at this and put it into context. Let’s look at the carb count of some vegetables.

100g of carrots (which is a fair amount) has 10g of carbs. 100g of sweet potato has 20g of carbs. 100g of avocado had 9g of carbs (although a bit more fiber than a carrot). 100 grams of broccoli has 7g of carbs. As you can see, carrots are not what I would consider a food you should avoid due to the carb content.


Dr. Tommy Wood on the Get Over Yourself Podcast Part 2

I have already stated my respect for Tommy before so I won’t repeat myself here but this is a must listen to podcast, especially if you are an athlete. Tommy doesn’t hold back in this episode and goes against the popular dogma of low carb, caloric efficiency, fasting and much much more. I listened to this episode twice it was so good! Tommy also lays out his top 5 tips for living a healthy life, and of course they perfectly align with what I believe as well 🙂


Linear Progression of Physical Activity and Caloric Burn – Dr Mike T Nelson

Mike T Nelson sent out two emails to his mailing list about the linear progression of physical activity and caloric burn. In simple terms we often think that the more physically active we are the more calories we burn. For the most part that is correct. If you are mostly sedentary hitting 3K steps a day making to the gym one or two times a week, yes you will burn more calories by adding in some more physical activity. However, in the two videos below Mike explains why if you are at the other end of the physical activity spectrum that theory (linear progression) is no longer true. In other words if you are hitting the gym 6 days a week and hitting 16k steps a day adding more activity isn’t necessarily going to mean you burn more calories. Now there are not too many people at this end of the spectrum, but when you are, then this is where adding more physical activity can actually be a detriment to your health because your body is going to start to conserve energy else where by down regulating things like hormone production. Not good! The videos are short and to the point so check them out.

Correct Running Form – Brad Kerns

If you are looking to improve your running form this is a good video to check out. Obviously it is going to take more than a couple minute video on YouTube to perfect running but it is a nice place to start.

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